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The PayCard is a prepaid credit card that carries the Visa or MasterCard logo. These payroll cards insure that spending cannot exceed the account balance you have loaded via direct deposit. If you do not have a bank account and want the benefit of safety, convenience and prestige then a prepaid card could be for you.

Costs of Prepaid Credit Cards and Prepaid Card Programs.

For most employer programs, prepaid credit card programs are of little to no cost for individuals and a one-time fee for employers. If workers have no credit or don't have a bank account, they can still apply for debit cards as long as you the employer or benefit provider offers direct deposit. The prepaid credit cards have no enrollment, no activation, no loading and no monthly or annual card fees.
This is a prepaid Visa credit card with free enrollment and no monthly or annual fees for cardmembers. There is no cost to load the prepaid Visas via direct deposit. You can make purchases and get cash back by using your PIN at POS locations for no charge. There is a one-time employer set up charge for standard prepaid card programs with less than 100% annual employee turnover rates. We offer "funding paycard accounts" for employers who need to get money onto a paycard employee card in real time. The prepaid Visa credit cards are an ideal solution for employee pay, commissions, termination pay, expense reimbursements and per-diem payments.

You can apply for the prepaid credit card Visa or MasterCard without a credit check or any bank account requirements. We do not report to the credit bureau and the prepaid cards can be a great tool even if you have bad credit or no credit. You must completely fill out the enrollment form to receive a debit card. Your signature, direct deposit information and employer details are required and you must be a US resident with a valid social security number. We will not mail out any paycards outside of the United States. You must have to ability to load funds onto the prepaid cards via direct deposit. Typically paycards are loaded on your pay date by your employer or government benefit program such as social security.

When you receive your Pay Card, you will get instant access to your pay on first thing on payday without having to stand in line. The prepaid card will save you money because you will not have to pay check cashing fees or even bank account charges. You can use the pay cards to get your cash at low or no cost through thousands of MoneyPass ATMs or Cash-Back at most large retailers and grocery stores. You can make signature and online purchases with the PayCard. Even people with good credit get a prepaid card to budget money or use in place of  normal credit cards when making online purchases for extra security. You can pay your bills that accept debit cards.

Please feel free to call USA Paycard toll-free with any employee or employer questions, enrollment materials for the reloadable payroll cards, or if you require additional information.

The PayCard is issued by Elan Financial Services. MasterCard is a registered trademark of MasterCard International Incorporated. Used pursuant to license. Prepaid card is available to U.S. residents only. Issuance of paycards is subject to identity verification.
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  • There are both Visa and MasterCard employer payroll debit card programs.
  • The PayCard is pre-paid and does not require credit checks.
  • We offer free payroll card enrollment forms.
  • The pre-paid debit card can reduce costs for both employers and employees.
  • Having paycheck amounts loaded via direct deposit onto the prepaid MasterCard is free.
  • The card is pre-paid and is also a PIN-based card so it can be used at virtually any ATM.
  • There are no monthly  debit payroll card maintenance fees.
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